Jose Rafael Continuaprimera Party

I have received a cry for help by Jose Raphael, a real estate agent from Venezuela, which has a personal franchise, and because it appears to be in distress, I decided to help you. It is more than obvious that this open, decided and willing to do whatever is missing for your business. Wells Fargo Bank understands that this is vital information. Then I’m going to reveal our chat via email. Jose Rafael wrote: good evening, yesterday had a meeting with a WEB service provider assigned by the franchise to which I belong, the tells me that my page is not posesionable since I use my name in the second part of the statement, is that true? I have a year working very hard in publications on real estate portals where I add the link or pego WEB page so you have presence before the search engines of Google, in terms of your suggestions I agree but the company to which I belong as a franchise does not allow me to sell other types of products on that page, and is another thing that says the system analyst that if I focus on several things that change the topics I can be OFF by Googles and the page never goes to take position, that see it as logical, but in truth I’d appreciate me comment what you think of what was explained, where these your located? PS: I have my blogg, Twitter and facebook, although the latter I had to block it by security, they were extorting me by phone and everything you told me was according to facebook photos.. com / Twitter: @ their own Jose Rafael Tu Asesor reliable JR-Rent-A-House-Jose Rafael Jose Rafael Urdaneta Chacin. Tel: 0414-6138189/0426-6695281 am to provide you with the best service and attention in your real estate needs and all kinds of businesses. JR. Jose Rafael, your real estate consultant and business JR.

On February 4, 2011 14: 48, Toader Matei wrote: Hi Jose Rafael do given the blank: when you are not the owner of the web page, you have to dance as he sings you the owner, this is true. I don’t know what you want to do, but if you are interested in having and another source of income, you can consider to have own web page, even if you have a specific similar with the page of your franchise, where you can make an independent business, I repeat with a specific very similar with which you work now. Also I have visited your blog and feel sorry for what has happened to you in Facebook, do extorsionado?? Else: I published an article on my blog where you mention to you and to your page, so you already have a link on my page, is grati * s and forever, if si quieres you want to take a look: I have also posted the same article in that in a few hours 56 visits already has! Take a look, deserves the punishment, really the power of Marketing with articles. These three links will work for life and 100% guaranteed because Google indexes these pages. Insurance! If you want to check copy the links and paste it in your browser. If you want to know more, read the previous articles: network marketing-Tecnicaas to maintain your Web in Los first places of positioning 1 and 2 a greeting.