Largescale Advertising

New exhibition spaces: promotional disc displays the products now available at the site products to see, to touch, and consult to the many customers is still important. Therefore the promotional disc has”in addition to the established online store now opened a showroom in Dortmund. At the Bronner 7 presents the company vehicle and window lettering, rollups, Beachflags, exhibition counter. For eight years, Marcus Hwang and Matthias Banike offer their products on the Internet ( Initially it was the distribution of the promotional disc of even a printable with advertising, interchangeable perforated grid film, which can be clamped in the car window. In the meantime, the Dortmund enterprises has expanded its portfolio to many other large advertisers such as various vehicle -, ground -, wall – or window films, banners, posters and advertising systems. “This diversity should see the customer and not only in the Internet, but live and in color”.

In addition, the showroom space offers. The biggest advantage is but: customers can spot the promotional disc staff draw on, to inform, to design the product together and then translate. Also the mounting or bonding of the advertising systems or films is possible in the district”, emphasize the two managing directors Marcus Hwang and Matthias Banike. How important can be the personal customer conversation, the example shows the showcase advertising: advise the promotional disc experts to flexible advertising systems or reusable films for promotional ads. The customer, however, wants a long-term label for information or branding, promotional disc experts recommend a durable film or high-quality labels. The first customers have already visited the showroom: retailers, driving schools, pharmacist, hair salons, doctors and IT companies from the region have chosen their individual vehicle lettering, storefront design, and outdoor advertising located on-site. The two managing directors will find a very good start”. “