Lieutenant Colonel

Also the young, with sewn lips, assured that 12 hours will be awarded them in complying with their needs or will Gaby Torrijos the next in suturing his mouth.He assured that there will be no jordans for cheap more lapses or meetings, which according to their demands, have not allowed them move forward. After this new announced, they asked for are met Wholesale Jerseys fully five specific points which have kept the 20 I motivated them to strike.Mr President, Madam Minister, we don’t believe in more words, we don’t believe in promises, we the strikers and the country expect made specific requests that we have been doing, we want the day, time and date to materialize. It very difficult to accept this reality in a country that know him manage, direct, properly use its natural resources, for example, its oil revenues, would not have a because go to these lengths, where is a true fact, that budgets delivered him to the universities not alcancazan to achieve their goals, operability, where salaries, wages offered, do not guarantee all the quality of life of teachers, administrative staff, laborer. The teachers salaries leave much to say, going to be the lowest in Latin America, before a country that receives the high fee of $ 100 per barrel, that unfortunately do not know manage for social benefits, to ensure vital topics for entire population such as health, food, education, housing. Therefore not surprising that you point with insistence, that the national Government – in attitude disrespectful and irresponsible – keeps workers Документальные University with a devalued salary, without actual upgrade of basket ticket; retirees, without payment of their social benefits and health bonus; students, without a reasonable and adequate increase his providences, among other aspects of supreme importance for the functioning of universities. President Cheap Jordans Lieutenant Colonel, Hugo Chavez Frias, as military should know to evaluate their strategies, plans actions to prevent such acts affecting it seriously in their aspirations for re-election and pay more attention to all these events, without leaving catch of all of this is being orchestrated by the opposition. Because it is a reality that comes from many Cheap nba Jerseys years ago and not been given the importance that it deserves, not been cheap nfl jerseys assessed its scope, impact, everything it can be, most when the student body demands its legitimate rights. Hopefully consider and assertive solution that benefits all, he has the means, power to achieve it, but will lose a large number of votes that can move away it from their aspirations for ne kept the Presidency.