Medicines Day

Hemorrhoids are bulging in areas of the rectum which are produced by having varicose veins in that area, are classified according to the place of location; We found the internal ones, ones that are positioned two upper thirds of the rectum, and when he makes constant pressure has the ability to prolapsarse, that is increasing in size and they manifest; hemorrhoids that are born from the lower third of the rectum are external hemorrhoids, are easy to touch up to manage to visualize. Both hemorrhoid treatment is the same, but if we speak of internal hemorrhoid remedies we need to be a little clever, as we have in front a few wounds which are inaccessible to cheap nfl jerseys apply certain products, so it is recommended: the sitz cheap China Jerseys bath: liquid is very accessible to this zone, its consistency is ideal, let us to combine them with any plant. Do infusion with oak bark, apply 75 grams in 1 litre of water and wash our wounds by 10 minutes. For another remedy with taking a wholesale jerseys china sitz bath can combine grass, limoncillos, and a handful of cochineal, boil them and perform these washed 3 times a day. Wet cloths: If we have people nearby that can help us to treat hemorrhoids, can ask to grant us the favour to apply wet cloths have been applied infusion of Chamomile, peppermint. Pasta and suppositories: when hemorrhoids are tolerable to the external contact, have the possibility of using pasta as the cheap nfl jerseys wholesale blending 14:27:29 of spinach with olive oil, tomato combined with potato puree, its application should be carried out 2 times a day. Other remedies for Internal hemorrhoids, cut a potato shaped like suppository and leave to cool in the freezer, recalls making contact of ice damage; or there is the possibility of mixing the gel of aloe vera with a little water, we freeze until it hardens, and when will this cheap nba jerseys defrosting applied as suppository also, but we must realize the corresponding shape.