Peschel Has 15 Years Of Translation Experience

Peschel translation agency celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. Peschel translation agency celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. In connection with the anniversary, there will be various actions, including a discount for the customers, but also a feast for the employees and their families. Measures for a good work-life balance will be expanded. The translation agency was founded in 1998 by the Conference interpreter and translator Anja Peschel. After the customer base grew, so the first employee, Ellen Goppl, Deputy Director of the Office, today joined in January 2000. To cope with the ever-increasing volume of translation, Anja Peschel hired more employees in the course of time, so that in 2005, a move from the Friedrich ring in larger premises in Wall Street was necessary.

Meanwhile, the team consists of eight full-time translators, in early 2011, there is a branch in the British Oxford. The technical focus is in addition to the renewable energies everything on law, medicine, business and advertising. Anja Peschel is delighted that the translation agency can celebrate its 15th anniversary this year, we owe our customers who constantly provide us with orders of course first and foremost”. For some of them I already work, since I myself in 1998 made independently as an interpreter and translator.” But Anja Peschel committed also their staff, without whose contribution the customers cannot always so promptly and reliably could provide, thanks to: a barbecue for the translators and their families is planned for the summer. Because in addition to the work of fun through shared experiences to come. One of the reasons why I work for thirteen years in the translation Office Peschel, is from the outset a healthy work-life balance enable me besides the good cohesion in the team also,”explained Ellen Goppl.

I particularly have the flexibility of my employer During my part-time MBA degree to appreciate and it is almost more important for me, since I became a mother four years ago.” A massage service for the permanent members was introduced as a new measure for the health of the employees in the Jubilee year that healthy and happy employees feel connected to their company and are less sick. “And that is reflected in the quality of work in the translation Office Peschel again: to keep long term experienced staff, continuity in project management as well as the translation itself is economic, but means for our customers not only for us”, so Anja Peschel. Translation agency Peschel Peschel translation agency based in the solar city Freiburg is a leading language service providers. The translating and interpreting belong to the various services of the translation Office Peschel in and from German, English, French, Spanish and Italian. Since its inception in 1998 Peschel Translation Bureau maintained a growing international customer base in the areas of renewable energy, medicine and pharmacy, law, business, social sciences, politics and the public sector.