President Bush

These borrowers are given so-called ninja, that customers in English means no – income, no-job, no-assests (no income, no job, cheap ray ban sungalsses no properties) these were high-risk loans, but that worked well indeed time because customers, rather than evil, were paying. However, overflowed the ambition of bankers and when they reached the limit of what they could provide, they requested authorization and obtained, to titularizar loans, obtain fresh money and continue to make loans. This last part is perhaps the most serious, because it Wholesale NFL Jerseys forced a basic principle of the financial system of any country, which wholesale jerseys is the heritage of the institution can not be less than ten percent (10%) of its credit portfolio. All this led to a financial crisis where President Bush had to ask Congress for fake ray bans approval of a loan of $700 billion dollars to help counter it Inocencio Sanchez in relation to Venezuela, says, that despite the fact that the National Executive has pointed out repeatedly that Venezuela is armored against the global economic crisis, we need to responsibly say that this is not true. The crisis will bring, to a greater or lesser degree, a recessive economy process, and already this has been noticing and will be accelerating to the extent that more problems are uncovering. This recessive process directly affects the business environment, which makes it lower energy consumption and, as a result of the drop in demand, prices also fall. In our cheap jerseys wholesale case, as we are a country where our entire economy revolves around a single export product You that is petroleum, we will feel the impact immediately. For example, an average of one million three hundred thousand US export to USA (1, 3 MM) barrels of oil a day (roughly a fifty million b/d of crude oil and a quarter of a million b/d in derivatives). This year, with variations that had the price of crude oil, we can say that the average price per barrel is in the order of ninety dollars ($90 per barrel).