Rotation Market

Negatives: Some of the main problems that affect the organizacional climate are of relationship between colleagues, managers and subordinate, the negativistas lack of an efficient communication, attitudes and the emotional instability. Common signals: Rotation? Turnover (loss of talentos)? Labor claims? Retrabalho, wastefulness? Diverse losses? Desmotivao These problems can generate low productivity and generating unnecessary expenses in training or new acts of contract. 5 As to elaborate the research of Organizacional Climate: The research can in such a way be applied in questionnaires in paper as through the Internet, leading in consinderao the existing culture and that it guarantees the secrecy and the confidencialidade of the data and respondents. Benefits: The analysis of the climate was developed initially by Litwin and Stinger (1968) and has for objective, to determine the organizacional climate through the measurement of the degree of motivation of the members of the same organization, that is, &#039 is analyzed; ' state of sade' ' of the organization with the diagnosis through statistical analyses of the research. The research of Climate has the character to catch with sensitivity the moods and nuances of the relation of its collaborators with its company, being supplied exits of rich data in information, identifying itself where it is necessary to intervine to develop Satisfaction, Commitment and Productivity. 6 final Conclusions On the basis of the questionnaire of the company, was elaborated a questionnaire to diagnosis the organizacional climate in the company Rock, Calderon and Advogados Associates, which were facing difficulties of retention in its picture of trainees, where the rotation index was very great, for this interviews related to the motivation had been applied, as much in the act of contract as in the disconnection, it follows below model of carried through questions: Questions made in the act of contract 1-O that I know on the company? () the Origin, mission and vision b () Address c () nothing 2-Which the pretension of Stock market Aid? () of R$ 500,00 600,00 R$ b () of R$ 601,00 700,00 R$ c () of R$ 701,00 800,00 R$ 3-O that I wait of this period of training? () To fulfill hours demanded by the Institution of Education b () Knowledge and experience for my study c () I do not know 4 – What it interested more me in this company? () the Stock market Aid b () Chance of professional growth c () I do not know Questions carried through in the contented 1-Be disconnection with my Stock market Aid? () yes the b () not 2-Which the main reason for which I am leaving the company? ( ) Not compatible Stock market with my necessity b () Problems of relationship with my coordinator c () I am not contented in working in company 3 – it motivated What me to be in the company until today? () the Chance of learning b () Satisfaction with the Supplied Stock market Aid c () Good Relationship with my colleagues 4-A company has a good environment of work? () yes the b () I do not know the mission and the vision of the company? () yes b () c () I do not know what 5-O is this it would motivate that me to be? () the Increase in the Stock market I assist b () Exchange of coordinator c () Nothing 7 Methodology: The methodology used for the development dese study was based through bibliographical research, that is that one that if carries through from the available register, decurrent of previous research, pequisa of field, the qualitative research, by means of interview, that is the technique of collection of information, on the basis of the Theories of motivation in the work. Reeta Holmes: the source for more info.