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In my opinion, the bank should not risk more money, than the client. Vladislav Oleynikov, deputy head of development department of banking products lending to small and medium-sized bank 'Soyuz'Konechno same start-up entrepreneurs can not rejoice that another big bank began to offer credit products to small businesses under construction. But, unfortunately, it does not lead to the rapid development of this direction of bank lending. This situation is a consequence of the fact that the lending business in its infancy is associated with Cheap Jordans Sale the presence of a variety of risks are mitigated to acceptable levels within six to twelve months of business. By the way, so designated period, usually, is minimal to many banks began to consider the possibility of providing credit Wholesale NFL Jerseys to small businesses.

Currently, the vast majority of banks do not credit the small Business at the stage of its creation. Nevertheless, some banks are having a great experience and the necessary technology in small business lending, grant loans and at the stage of its creation. In particular, the Cheap MLB Jerseys bank 'Union' there is Baratas Replicas Ray Ban a special lending program, focused on start-up entrepreneurs and small businesses who are just being created or that have a minimum term of their business. Already in near future the bank 'Union' plans to make this program even more attractive – to increase the maximum loan amount and lower interest rates. In addition, we intend to expand the range of credit products for small business, including for established companies. Michael , head of lending to small and medium-sized bank 'Stroykredit' available on demand, today, no bank has implemented a full program Credit 'start-ups'. This is due mainly to significant risks when working with companies just starting their own activities. There are two ways for this segment.

First, the State may establish clear mechanisms to support lending to companies just beginning their own activities. One such mechanism could be the issuance of the guarantees to banks when lending to 'start-ups'. This can significantly accelerate the development of this area. Second, banks can begin to work with the 'start-apami' own. The principal difficulty of this segment lies in the fact that the issuance of even a small loan requires banks to significant labor costs Dovda for the analysis of the business plan of a potential borrower. In this connection, to start effective work in this direction will need to develop clear mechanisms for technological analysis of small business projects, which may take considerable time. Of course, banks will actively explore lending 'start-ups' as the saturation of other market segments. Development of appropriate program is in the bank's plans 'Stroycredit'.

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