With the Swiss stone pine better sleep and therefore our health store who want to protect yourself from cell phone radiation, which may be simple it: wood protects indeed. Who wants to go so \”safe\” because he is not sure that cell phone radiation is not dangerous (contrary to some study), the findings of the University of the Bundeswehr can help. If cell reception is not optimal and the conversation is interrupted repeatedly, that is first of all a nuisance. But something can be also the approach to scientific knowledge. If the mobile phone in a house made of solid wood does not work, the reason is enough, the radiation damping characteristics to investigate this material.

The results of these investigations were amazing also for researchers. He is a man possessed. Owned by the building materials of wood, which his grandfather worked for old craftsmanship. In the Salzburg Goldegg, Erwin Thoma has founded its own wood Research Center, with natural Processing methods for experiment. Old handicraft traditions should be revived and modernised. So, about only casein glue, a centuries-old blend of cottage cheese and lime, was used to hold together the stairs. Recently Erwin Thoma discovered by chance on a very special property of wood: \”At one of our first pure wood houses, the houses with massive, holzverdubelten walls, I was during Assembly at the construction site and have organized with the phone and call someone and it went into the newly established shell.\” Suddenly, the connection from the mobile phone was broken. I go to the outside, on the phone again, it works again, go, again, the connection is gone. And through this experience I was thinking, this is a research topic, we need to urgently investigate that.\” Scientists of the Bundeswehr University of Munich took on the topic. You wanted to find out whether wooden shields actually high-frequency cell phone radiation.