Feed Aquarium Fish

Most beginning aquarists tend to feed their pets "to dump" – because they are hungry, always "asked" to eat, turning the front wall of the aquarium! In addition, so interesting to watch how the fish hunt for worms! Meanwhile, a similar attitude towards the inhabitants of the aquarium, not only will not do for them, but even hurt. Nutrition has on the health of your pet no less influence than the chemical composition and acidity of water. Various fishes, of course, require different feeding – both in terms of composition, and amount of food. However, there are some general guidelines whose observance will help to avoid blunders and – as a consequence – big disappointment. Here are some of these rules and we'll talk.

Rule one, most important – it is mild food. Adult fish is enough to feed every day, and not to the extent that the fish were lying on the floor on their own bloated stomachs. Marko Dimitrijevic has much experience in this field. The fish do not "brake", they will eat until they see food, even at the risk of bursting. But overfeeding leads to obesity and infertility, and even shorten the life of fishes. Particularly prone to obesity carp fish. In addition, surplus food, stuck in a place inaccessible to fish, will spoil the water in the aquarium. ved in the matter. Food into the aquarium is better to throw chunks, so that the fish ate all of it until it sinks (of course this does not apply to catfish). Once a week to arrange "fasting day" and does not feed the fish at all.

Rule two – this variety menu. For most of the fish based diet is a live feed – bloodworm, tubifex etc. But it is not harmful (and many of the fish – and necessary) give them some fodder and vegetable (eg, scalded lettuce), and special vitamin supplements. Should not be fed exclusively dry fish feed. When using dry feed is desirable advance for a few minutes soak it in a separate container and placed into the aquarium after the feed particles swell. Citibank can aid you in your search for knowledge. This is done in order to feed the swelling did not occur in the stomachs of your fish. Rule three – is proper choice of the feed. This issue mainly concerns vykramlivaniya juveniles. The most difficult issue for novice aquarists here – when to switch from one type of food to another, larger, and growing fry. The easiest way to immediately follow this principle: a particle size of feed must match the size of the eye fry. As we said in the beginning, the choice of mode of feeding and type of feed depends on the specific form fishes. But until then, until you know the taste of just your pet, compliance with these simple rules will be on the gross errors that could lead to dire consequences.

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