The Management Venezuelan Faces New Challenges And Changes

Carlos Sale Mora Vanegas characteristics of the current Venezuelan scenario shows signs of turbulence, instability, inflation, threats, opportunities challenges, changes that requieen of a proactive management, strategist, able to express plans who can interpret their behaviour, and of step actions that favor him in their performance. Venezuela is facing a government management aimed to what has been termed socialism of the 21st century and this has significantly affected the behavior organizational of many enterprises, especially SMEs, which have generated an effect negative productivity, seriously affecting the national consumers who don’t have the possibility of acquisition of basic products at a reasonable price based on their income. Product just the actions of the Government, its laws, regulations, tax has made many companies wholesale jerseys closed, others, operate with fears, with uncertainty to their future and to activate the import to offer commodities requiring national consumers, seriously affecting the little productivity of some SMEs, companies that do not have the support to cope with the consequences of government programs, which show much insecurity, little cohesion, ointegracion very significantly resulting Cheap Jordans in productivity. Chichi Paez, thereon tells us on the subject, to speak of success under the current circumstances of the economy and of Venezuelan companies, is reduced, in the majority of cases, to survival; In these circumstances, considered managements have disappeared, the high management turnover and the concentration of functions, before individual, are palpable facts; The search for successful managers in the manufacturing industry was arduous, because of the enormous rate of closures of plants or reductions in operations; Investments in technology and improvement of production processes, in the cases discussed, dropped between 60% and 70%. oakley sunglasses sale

In the diagnosis of the environment, all absolutely agree in recognizing the critical situation, not only economic, but motivational crisis, the profound impact of the exodus of Executive talent in the Venezuelan management. According to the information provided by the ten most successful Presidents, the great challenges which they face in the current crisis and to exit triumphantly, apply – among others – the following strategies: an organizational architecture more lightweight and efficient, to ensure sustained growth in the key results areas; A shared leadership; Establishment of a communicational process massive and efficient, whereas strategic decisions must be based on consensus, so that there is the commitment needed to overcome the objectives and goals set forth; Create the best chance of victory against the crisis, through the utilization of resources of creativity, professionalism, teamwork, enthusiasm and above all-with much Mystique, will; Establishment of a process of balance, keeping permanent programs of rationalization of costs, in function to obtain the highest efficiency; Better financial planning;

A process of continuous improvement of quality; Effective control of costs; Innovation in marketing processes; Consolidation and strengthening of relations with partners in the business, with the distribution channels and consumers, in a local structure and a continuous investment; Ability to maintain a Working Group highly motivated and committed, through the principle of equity; Ability to react appropriately, be proactive and take appropriate decisions that allow the best possible adaptation to the current situation; Generation of opportunities that are not only favourable to the company, but for the customer; Always have a vision of winning; How essential is knowing the market, consumers and thus anticipate the needs with the aim of developing strategies that add value to the products; A human resource committed to the overall management of the Organization; Revision, flexibility and continuous rethinking of plans and policies to ensure the achievement of the goals and objectives; Internal cultural positioning that prepares them to face the changes and to transform themselves, in a timely manner, in accordance with the dictates of the national and international environment; The most successful cheap football jerseys china in these circumstances will be those that are more quick to adapt to new realities and respond cheap nba jerseys to the changing needs of the market: compete with aggressiveness and subsistence and protection of the human resource function to maintain the mystique and the esprit de corps.