Central Bank

It is important to understand that the bond establishes the relationship of the loan and debt obligations, between its owner and the issuer. Difference between the target bonds is that the provision of the issuer's obligations on them are allowed to goods or services, and cases considered in such goods will be inhabited and uninhabited area, expressed in square meters. m. Thus, the fundamental difference between the present system of pre-existing order is that the investor makes their money not on the basis of the investment agreement and by acquiring debt builder – bonds. At first glance, it appears that the acquisition of securities acquired form of guaranteed return cheap jerseys wholesale mechanism investment It is caused by the sheer complexity of the issue procedure, as well as the fact that in the process of applying themselves directly to the Central Bank is cheap jordan shoes involved several individuals, Jepang including such weighty as the institutions co- investments (funds) and banking institutions. At the same time a significant Cheap Jordan Shoes contribution to the "promotion" of bonds the developer have the so-called institutions of collective investment – corporate investment or mutual investment funds, the primary purpose wholesale jerseys china is to attract funds from oakley sunglasses for men investors to profit from their investments in securities of other issuers. Management of these assets, as well as initiatives to establishment, owned by management companies, whose activities are carried out under license. In practice, the issuer, in order to minimize the tax itself creates a mutual venture capital funds Non-diversified closed-end form, which sells the entire issue of issued bonds. .