Believe Usually

Throw in the dark with a broken can, but that show blind fish problem. So often I go out with spinning in the evening. This lasted long enough, but in mid-July instead of walleye in the evening was caught pike. Too bad, but wife prefers to perch, and rightly so. I wasted several outlets for the searches.

I checked all the familiar points, tried a variety of baits before leaving and coming back later – all to no avail. As revealed, disappearance of walleye puzzled me no one: the local Cheap Jerseys fishermen also searched and also failed to understand anything. The answer came, as always, by chance. Approaching the house, where we usually do Cheap Oakleys stop, remember that oakley outlet you forgot to buy some products. Shop on the road, Cheap Jordans but before the end of dinner, almost twice chas.Poreshili not go and wait on the bank of the Oka. It was hot. My wife went to bathe, but I was too overheated way, therefore, decided not to discount oakley risk it and pulled out spinning, which usually was in the car. I catch, of course, does not count, I just wanted to take a little soul after the city.

The place was familiar: a small roll, ending with a hole knocked in 3 to 6 m. Москва One casting, the second one. Suddenly, a sharp blow 'in hand', and pull perch quite large, more pounds. After 10 minutes of another, slightly smaller. Believe Most of spinning, one perch, especially small, you can catch wherever and whenever you want, but two in a row at one point may not be random.