Probably each of us once in my life I wondered – who we are and what we live? Life is not a coincidence. Everything that surrounds us contains a life, even a stone and a piece of plastic. The entire universe – is a huge body of reasonable beings, which we call God. We do it small pieces – the living cell or cells, and cells play an equally important role for the Creator, as well as our own blood cells, for which we ourselves are gods. If these cells blood fail to fulfill their part in our body, we get sick, and our body begins to break down. When we cease to perform his or her part – a place in the universe, where we are, too, begins to disintegrate. But Do we let the ailment spread throughout the body? No! We will try to heal themselves, but when cells become cancerous – have to remove them.

The same universe comes against us – if the person becomes a cancer cell, from him the spirit of the great rush to get rid of. Conversely, good work will be rewarded for dignity – the father of the Creator will do everything possible to create us a favorable space for our creativity. Each of us incarnated on Earth-mother for a particular purpose. This goal is shared by us and the universe. Following her, we play is designed. And if you can somehow assess the level of happiness of man, the only fulfilling the intended be able to get the highest score. But how do we know what we should do, because we do not remember. Go to patrick dwyer newedge for more information.

The Internet Information

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