The Practical Side Of Surrogacy

For many infertile couples, for various reasons, not ready for adoption, surrogate motherhood program is the only chance to be parents. However, even in the presence of desire, money and legal support, child they may not get it. Nowadays, many couples can not have children of their own. The reason may be health problems, infertility, one of the partners, unfavorable heredity, etc. One of the ways to solve the problem – surrogacy.

According to the legend, the history of surrogacy began in ancient times BC. She says that some deity has suffered a child from the womb to the commoner belly of the queen. Just so this tells us one of the frescoes of the church in India. In our time, such aid infertile couples practiced for about 20 years. The first success in this field came in 1989 with the birth of her first child with a surrogate mother. In the UK, with great difficulty managed to convince the Ethics Committee, that the barren woman needs help from his cousin, in the uterus which were transferred to other people's embryos genetically from her sister and her husband. In Overall, the process of surrogate motherhood is fairly simple.

Parents seek 'surrogate mother' do IVF, a child is born, the surrogate mother sends him right, receives a fee and – good-bye. However, in practice at each stage, parents can wait for unpleasant surprises, and protect yourself from them is impossible. Price of the issue to her and he is already over 30.

Medical Faculty

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