The word "gear" has Latin roots and refers to the mechanism that transfers and converts torque to one wholesale nfl jerseys or more mechanical transmissions. Literally translated from the Latin "gear" – a mechanism for lead-back resulting in back. With regard to technique, gear today – a mechanism that included a drive cars, and working to reduce the angular velocity of the driven shaft in order to increase torque. Leading Features Gear – efficiency ratio, transmit power, maximum angular velocity of shafts, the number of input and output shafts, the type and amount of gear and steps. In our technological age have the widest gear application, they are used in virtually all spheres of human activity. Worldwide, hundreds of millions of NFL Jerseys Cheap gears in their daily work. Gearbox, most often consists of housing (iron, steel and aluminum), which includes: shaft gear or worm wheel, bearings, etc.

Sometimes the gear housing are the mechanisms for the lubrication of bearings and linkages and mechanisms for cooling. The layout supports shaft gear in a common hard case gives the constancy of the relative location of the axes of shafts, and this allows a wide wheel nba jerseys sales with a small module. The use of small modules, in turn, leads to increased accuracy and reduced noise at work Transfer to a decrease in the value of its production. Significant lubrication helps lower wear and tear and increases the efficiency of the gear transmission. The presence of the body gives work safety gear. These and many other advantages reducers explain their popularity and replacement of the items open gears.

In today's engineering stands What a huge variety of kinematic gear, their shapes and designs. Gearbox design for drive a specific hardware or for a given load (the time of the output shaft) and the gear ratio in cheap jordans online the case of the production of specialized factory specializing in the serial production of gearboxes. There Reducers cylindrical, conical and worm. In the cylindrical gear axis driving and driven shafts are parallel to the worm – the axis of discount football jerseys shafts intersect in space, bevel gearboxes are characterized by the fact that axle shafts they intersect. Produced and combined reducers, which are tandem gear (cylindrical and conical) and worm gears. Gearboxes can be classified by the number of pairs of gears: single-stage and multistage.