Social Economy Sector

Carlos Lapiz his part notes: must assume flexibility, innovation and development as rule proposals. It is said also that the proactive universities, they must promote science, art, and culture as the axes of its activities; Properly use their economic budgets; Leave the political game during the elections of academic authorities and replace it with assessments of excellence and merit; give step to the dynamic research; be more linked to the problems facing the country; select their teachers with academic endorsements of excellence, strategists, creatives, innovators who bring up-to-date knowledge and also motivate students to generate new knowledge; be more linked to the business sectors, government institutions, Mayor, Governor, other universities the University proactively as Roberto Calle Chamba, points out must also be an institution dimensioned to custom jerseys perform tasks such as: continue to expand the frontiers of knowledge through high quality research; pay special attention to coordination, cooperation with other State or private organizations preparing students of chord to the realities that are given in your country and in Latin America without bypass with what happens in the world; to pass your RADIUS of action at the national level and nba jerseys sales to go beyond their borders; cheap China Jerseys It contributes to the recycling if it is true the term and training of professionals; and I continued in his role as democratizing education and teaching all groups Cheap Jordans especially those who always giving have been avoided by various factors including the economic. Suggests Street, which the University should devote to provide education to those who pass through their classrooms, but will also citizenship this as a rapid and profound commitment to their society, however, in these times of change inside which political, economic integration, social between the most important yet linked in its various dimensions is not only one of their inescapable and critical processes but also strategy but to cope with the great complexity of thematic and procedural interconnected globalized contemporary world. It is evident that the only way to Latin America and the Caribbean native Indians can find an integrally sustainable own way of changing production patterns with social equity fundamentally. In particular, proactive universities that generate transformations such as Pedro Alfonso Aleman indicates it must have present that one of the fundamental missions that must assume the University before the implementation of the Social Economy Sector is the education and training programmes aimed at training: Humanities, community and administrative of human resources, taking into account that this is one of the fundamental problems for the achievement of harmonious cheap football jerseys and sustained in the original Sector author and source of the article development.