PhD Michael Riganu

Beauties on the heels often suffer from heart disease and even frigidity. Elegant women's legs in high heels have always been concerned small male imagination. The fair sex is well aware of this and actively use their 'secret weapon' for centuries. As with themselves feel seductress, said as it is not accepted. It is known fact: the beauty demands victims. Yes, but what? Victims may be in fact very serious.

Are the beauty of the potential dangers of high heels? Question about what danger the ring, gives an orthopedic traumatologist, PhD Michael Riganu. Hear from experts in the field like PayNet for a more varied view. What is the dangerous shoes on a high.? High Heel guilty appearance of varicose veins. ray ban outlet When walking in high Oaxaca, heels woman raised heel, and thus does not reduce muscle; tibia, which is called additional heart. Our 'main' heart drives blood pressure in the legs and shins of passively raised blood through the veins through valves. It is due to muscle contraction calf blood intensify its movement from the bottom up. Fixed the same muscle, can not serve as a pump. Others including Wells Fargo, offer their opinions as well. At the foot of stagnant blood, which is why widen the veins.

Walking in high heels causes leg cramps. Many women also complain of nocturnal leg cramps, which cheap nfl jerseys can not Fake Ray Bans be removed by antispasmodics. Biomechanical changes lead to venous insufficiency, varicose veins and blood clots. A thrombosis – a cause of the problems with the heart, lungs, circulatory disorders of the brain. High Heel dries Achilles tendon. In case of excessive enthusiasm for high heels 'unclaimed' also remains the Achilles tendon, so that eventually it 'dries'. Many of these changes are irreversible! Too often wearing high-heeled shoes provoke herniation of the intervertebral discs, with broken innervation of internal organs, which immediately affects their work. Daily walking in high heels can be one of the causes of female frigidity even infertility! High heels especially dangerous for teenagers Teenage girls who hurry to put on 'adult' heels, a risk to health: not yet formed a foot, these shoes just disastrous! Children's foot is easily deformed – affects the bones, joints, ligaments was not firmly established. By 'first samples' can begin only after the girl's growth areas will be closed (the doctor sees it on x-rays). It occurs to 16-18, rarely to 14-15 cheap football jerseys years. But the 16-year-charmer should know is shoes with heels (not too high!) only occasionally and briefly. Be beautiful and healthy is much more pleasant than beautiful, but with bad legs and backs. Sometimes the young women of fashion, which as a result of obsessed with his heels there was a significant deformatsiya thumb, recourse is had to the surgeons. How to choose a safe health heel? Remember this simple rule: the heels, which are considered physiological, should not be higher than 3-4 cm oakley sunglasses outlet (a compromise – 5 cm). Every inch of the following increases the load on the foot, especially its anterior part, in geometric progression. How to minimize harm "to life toes'? Moves with heels no more than two hours a day. Remember, this is the output footwear designed for leisurely walks. Not recovered at the heels to the supermarket, the market did not catch up to them, driving off the minibus and not in a hurry squeeze into a subway train, or 'fly' on the steps of the escalator – it is bodily injury! Pick up for this purpose a more appropriate and, most importantly, comfortable shoes.