The Data

It perceives, if you to more apply an elaborated reading about the data, and with this to generate better or bigger information and still to continue not to practise, is possible that still it harvests the same results. However, to modify its model of analysis and tools of the description of one comment, to better apply reading of the practical different data and of the information, is probable that its results are better. All change brings fear, the fear in turn generates paralysis or escape. Ahead of a reality where she is necessary to move, the people if feel acuadas or amedontradas. To jump the barrier of the fear is not easy. Thing looks at quanta you does not make daily without perceiving. It starts making a different way for its work, goes one day a little more early. It is well probable that you notice things that not yet she had perceived.

To work with people with different mental models is not easy. The culture also is a to be considered aspect. Its values make with that you enxergue the different world of its fellow worker. That good that the people are different, it imagines if all they thought equal. To carry through its routine of a different form, to the step that it more is not a routine.

To the times people if they arrest the mental models that nor they know why they keep. I believe that you already must have been questioned: Why you make thus? you to answer: I do not know. They had said me to make thus. The questioning is a good tool to break mental paradigms and models. It questions and it searchs new forms to make the things, perhaps therefore its life never has the direction that you search, if you to continue enxergando the world with the same lenses and making the same things, without the least, to know why.