Written Customer Communication

Online tool of legodo analyzed the individual strength / weakness profile to the personal customer contact of current status and optimization initiatives be examined Karlsruhe, July 19, 2012 – the legodo ag according to the majority of marketing and overall written communication considers a recent survey with customers as too impersonal. Only a quarter of them judges, to meet today’s demands of constituents. legodo has therefore a stress test she developed as online tool for companies, through which the quality of written customer communication as well as systematically analyze their optimization engagement. As a result they get shown your strength / weakness profile vividly, from which they can derive their possible need for action. At the same time, the average results of all other participants represented, so a comparison is achieved whether other companies in written customer communication give a better or worse figure. Content the stress test includes first a status analysis, how well the companies открыт! in a total of 12 performance represents. This includes, for example, how can strong customer communications focuses on the individual needs of constituents and if at all on reasons taken into consideration or how customized the communication channels can be used.

Other issues concern the possibility of the involvement of individual reactions in written speech, the response time for customer inquiries or how comprehensively the customer information mostly in various enterprise systems can be used for the communication. A second part oakley sunglasses for men of the stress tests of the legodo is busy, what plans the company concerned on improvement measures in terms of a more personalized customer communications. This addressed eight areas in which participants should each do your updates optimization commitment. They concern, for example, the strategic positioning as well as the development new process models under inclusion of all channels or the introduction of new technical solutions for the targeted individualization of customer communication. For all questions about the State of analysis and the optimization of alternatives the participant vote point. The total finally determined in two areas. It appears immediately after completion of the test online and sent via E-mail, so that it can be included in further discussion internally.

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