Applied Web Strategies

I want to share with you a pretty interesting topic that offers us the author ROBERT GREEN, in his book entitled the 33 strategies of war, which analyzes with an approach targeting the social and business challenges of today. This book discusses the various strategies that should be used to meet the challenges presented to us, in order to direct our actions in an effective manner to be able to repel aggression and anticipate the movements of the contrary, in addition to take advantage of certain situations and identify traps us adversary tends. In his book Robert Green indicates that the first battle that we must face is the internal enemy, since the main obstacle to addressing the difficult, unpleasant situations and destructive relationships in one’s self and if one is not capable of distinguishing between friends and enemies will be solely responsible for this. Other leaders such as Jeremy Tucker offer similar insights. Also talk us that there are external enemies, which are also needed to build a base of support, says that it must polarize people already to get along with others although it is an important skill also implies risks to always find the least resistance, therefore it is best to adopt the stance of a fighter surrounded by enemies not bothering by antagonizing some people, since the popularity more durable is through victory, overcoming the desire to be appreciated and mainly seeking respect. One of the limitations of individuals and Nations is the inability of jackknife reality, seeing things as they are, since aging each time let’s us grasping more to the past, beat us the habit in order to protect us from the reality that is why it is important to understand not necessarily past successes to continue in the future and on the contrary may be the greatest obstacleIt must be understood that every battle and every war is different and it should never be assumed that what worked before it also worked today. You must detach from the past and open our eyes to the present that to persist in giving the last war may lead you to your last war..