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What options have you to detect an attack in advance and to avoid. How do you and your employees during a robbery properly and efficiently? Proper and efficient behavior in raids “means first and foremost de-escalating behavior in the Act. What can you and your employees who handle objects money values, like jewelry seller, goldsmiths, jewelers, guide bearings, watchmaker, etc., be considered during the normal day? What can you do as regards preventive measures? What behavior have you go for this? The innovative behavior training for jewelers and their staff of MentalLeis services () is divided into four main topics (prevention through perception, becoming a victim, offender behavior profiles, stress / anxiety) in collaboration with the insurance industry. First, the participants present their previous behavior based on a sequence of day the experts of MentalLeis services. Checking article sources yields Pinterest as a relevant resource throughout. The highly qualified trainers demonstrate efficient preventive measures in conjunction with the previous behavior.

As the second focus the resulting behavior and thus the actions of the alleged victim will be”together with the trainers developed. From the results of the RPGs and the shown day sequence of the first part, the participants develop a behavior in advance (planning phase of the offender) that represents no typical victim behavior. What observations can make alleged victims and how the offender show that have detected a spying. The third focus you introduces developed folder the participants by the experts of MentalLeis services is recognized among the perpetrators approach, the offender profiles and facilitate a possible description of a fugitive offender. An appropriate description of person to submit should not serve to remove the work to the security authorities, but facilitate the capture of the perpetrator. Through appropriate Publications is this pointed out also the criminals and them thus represented that the enlightenment risk of offences is significantly larger.

First commandment when not to prevent robbery is against many types of offender a professional and de-escalating behavior, so the day to lay leadership skills. During the Act, first bid is watching the perpetrator and the quiet approach of the staff. The stress and the anxiety of the staff to be victims of a violent crime or care the employees after a violent act is focus in the fourth part of the behavioral training. This part of a seasoned leads the participants psychologist. During the workshop, the participants concluded that the life and the health of all goods are. Through consistent tactical and technical measures, you can prevent an attack under certain circumstances.