Can Oil Back To $ 70 ?

Can the oil go back to $70 a barrel? The food inflation Wholesale Jerseys may accelerate even more when China stocks run out … Can Oil Back to $ 70? Vulnerability to something uncontrollable and unruly as nature, China has made meteor knees before the fiercest of the last 50 years, as we mentioned earlier this year in “A global recession can not be worse to This . cheap MLB Jerseys Today those knees have been literally broken by another episode again unmanageable for China: a devastating earthquake in Sichuan province, southwest of the country that killed and buried more than 51,000 people (and the bill keeps going up every day …), Watch injured 300,000 and 30,000 disappeared. China has a position of global dominance and control (in silencing domestic political opposition in exporting deflation economy, protecting its industry and competitive currency), but against these natural disasters can only kneel and plead for help to the same world that, when you can master it, Cheap Jerseys do it. Agriculture again has been affected in Sichuan and other disaster areas: 34,000 hectares of crops have been destroyed, irrigation systems have been ruined rice fields lost 100,000 hectares of agricultural machines have been destroyed or severely damaged nearly 13 million poultry and livestock farming dead … These losses could be Cheap MLB Jerseys almost anecdotal if it were not for … Sichuan is nothing less than an agricultural province, the most important discount football jerseys in China provides 6% of grain produced in the country.