Center Hole

After this bit of the same diameter (can be broken in half, which is typically not released in the hope of sharpening if necessary) need to sharpen a chisel. Initially, at a distance of 6 and – 8 mm from the end of the grinding wheel carved rectangular cross section with a width of about 2 – 3 mm. Then butt whittle away at an angle of 20 degrees, while giving the same right angle side of the face. Later you can adjust the size of the tool depending on the diameter cut holes. In the disk, fake ray bans you can not drill a single hole (slot) at different distances from the axis, depending on the size cut a hole. Perpendicular to the jacks in the middle of the thickness of the need to drill a hole diameter of 3.5 mm along the radius.

Then, using the tap M4 chop it and screw thread corresponding to the bolt that secures the cutter in the nest. Nozzle is ready, but so far only for the hole the same size. nfl jerseys cheap The center planned to cut the holes to make cheap football jerseys china Punch and drill a recess at this point through-hole drill a small diameter (2 – 3 mm). It is desirable to заварной consolidate the clamp drilled sheet on the bench, put it under him a couple of sheets of hardboard. If the hole Cheap Oakleys in a place that secure clamp is not possible to have screwed with two screws and a sheet dwt to the bench. Then drill a sheet of fiberboard and a drill the same diameter as the shaft (shaft) drive. Holding one end of the axis of the disk in a cartridge electric drills, pass the other end into the hole drilled in the center of the circle cut out and including an electric drill, start to cut out a circle, holding the drill perpendicular to the plane. Once cut a circle cheap nfl jerseys (the puck, in fact, that may be useful for something), the sheet will be opening the correct form with given diameter.