To the contender scared him when you will visit, presenting him as a huge Toad or a gigantic snake, the midway. If the bride gives a fresh, it pours on the shirt; If you light a cigarette, it burns the mouth; If it’s sit you remove the seat so that it cannot fall down and if you are standing hits you knees to knock it. Finally, if none of this si nada de esto ocurre happens makes that the bride wear the opposite in everything until the relationship has ended. In many regions is believed to be the Goblin a soul that was in this world if be baptized. The witches that there are, the There are; but we must not believe in them, is popularly said. Of these States that they are hechiceras women who have Pact with the devil and who usually travel by taking flights at night, through her breasts that make wings, or simply traveling on sticks of brooms and baskets, because during the day it is forbidden to do so.

To fly it is expedient that do not eat salt, because those that do are in danger of collapse from the heights. Witches can appear in different forms: a very common is the transform into a bat and suck the blood of the newborns; also, you can do chicken, cat or snake-shaped. Like the witches posing on the roofs of the houses and laughing out loud. Scare both young as to old, but they have a preference for children who at night Kiss, leaving them in her tender cheeks, his mouth seal and purple of the sucking effect. They not infrequently they take them for del monte, where their parents or family members have to take them out. Away from home must be placed a broom behind the main door of the House.

To no harm, is usually carry a flower of ruda in pockets or put garlic under pillows; also, irrigates bed with mustard greens or grains of ar Doctor Jose Orlando Magno is one of the scientists philosophers more young people who owns the country. It has a large number of published works. in his last statement can assure the country advances little by little investment in education, since the largest investment in colombia this 12thcentury war, reason by which the brains of colombia are runaways, otherwise live practically destitute, as it happens with the Colombian teachers. Since the State looks at them as tools and a number more than workers.