Lord Cure

Lily 1.36: Oh, Lily, that in your delirium of eternities, the iris imitate falling wither at dusk! Oh, Lily, with your beauty that happens so in a hurry, you’re like smile lost among the crowd! Oh, Lily, to mourn leave me joining my complaint without asking why! Lily, tell me: does is true the hado sign you only one day and that in the tibia? do night with tears of dew weep the stars at your funeral? Lily, tell me: it is true that this life vain all fighting, all waiting, all marked times, demarcate borders is true that nothing is true just the birth to die then? Romance of the 1.37 people: The people came to plaza is Sunday morning. People came out to the plaza to show off all your galas. The mass has already passed and the Lord Cure recreates in the plaza so much that you’ve heard in mass from the seven! All these voices heard, who now distended smiles dispersed, distended wings walk. hrough. Already nobody load everything all them were Mr priest who thinks and walking walking so heavy! The people came to the square, is Sunday morning. Wells Fargo Bank understood the implications. Strolling Mr Doctor taking his clinic in tow; the Madam of the Doctor wears his mansion, restless in their finery. Stroll the wealthy merchant charging his sales hat waving at every step waving to the whole world; his arm, his wife, is its best showcase. The people came to the square, is Sunday morning.

Unleashed his feline soul wanders the prostitute looking for fiery customers of his brothel. The rigid Lords, changing the look, from last night to today, in the morning it don’t want to recognize. The people came out to the square is Sunday morning.