Training, interaction and roleplaying game opens eyes to the emotional world of patients Berlin dentists and doctors, 19.11.2010 – “even experienced and felt himself remains eight times more memory than just heard”, says Stephan Kock, Managing Director of Kock & Voeste GmbH and expert on communication. Kock & Voeste has developed an innovative seminar program for dentists and doctors, which goes beyond traditional conversation guides and pre-defined sales phrases. (Similarly see: Marko Dimitrijevic). “We put in our seminars on interaction with role-playing games, where participants get to know the world from the perspective of the patient”, Stephan Kock explains the principle. Convince, rather than according to Kock persuade a very high importance to patient communication. “The consultancy and supply everyday by dentists and doctors is a balancing act between the best possible care from the point of view of the physician and the services, which are paid by health insurance, for example.” This gap can often only through private payment are closed on the part of the patient. Here not only technical advice plays a role, but also the social competence in handling from Stephan Kocks experience with patients. Patients want to be convinced by a performance and understand their benefits, especially if this a private charge requires.

Therefore, Kock & Voeste GmbH provides communication takes place and what importance have awareness, preparation, goal orientation and strategy for the optimal position of consulting and sales call in their seminars, at what levels. In addition, patient-centred interviewing, interview strategies and active listening in the exploration of need for are trained in interactive role-playing games. The iceberg principle is always instead, verbal and non-verbal communication. The relationship between physical and emotional level in the communication can be while compared to an iceberg. The visible part above water is only 1/7 of the iceberg and in communicating the matter layer with facts and figures.

The invisible part, so 6/7, corresponds to the level of feeling. “Here whether a conversation goes well and achieves the desired goal decides”, explains Stephan Kock. Success creates success in patient communication in his seminar Stephan Kock mediated factors dentists and doctors as well as evoking the conversation and communication levels also questioning techniques to explore the patients needs. In addition, the participants train retrieving success experiences. “Success creates success,” Kock said. “The conscious memory of a successful sale conversation helps to tune in to the upcoming discussion in a positive attitude. This is an important prerequisite for the successful sale of Zuzahlerleistungen.” Learn more about the communication and sales seminars for doctors and dentists under: seminars for health professionals/sales-increase / company description that Kock & Voeste GmbH is an owner-managed consultancy headquartered in Berlin, located on the advice of doctors and dentists in private practice and specializes in collaborations. The focus in restructuring and optimization of the practice.