European Economic Community

The workmanship of Saramago makes the relation of history, including passed and present. As Maria of the Alzira Pebbles that contemporary says on the space of the Portuguese romance the space of this romance it is a space where the native land notion continues to be problem above all in its last relation /presentation, that is, wholesale jerseys in the process to ask the history that vision in the ones of the one of the gift (PEBBLES 1984, p78) Another workmanship of Saramago that we can cite and analyze taking in consideration the literary speech and the description Cheap Jerseys is the Raft of Rock (1986) it constitutes exemplary face, since in this romance the author leaves to be transparent its doubts on the European Union and openly considers an entailing of the Iberian Peninsula its historically natural area of integration: Africa and Latin America. The Peninsula stopped its movement of rotation, goes down now plumb, in direction to the south, between Africa and Central America, and its form, unexpected oakley sunglasses sale who still will have in the eyes and in the map the old position, seems twin of the continents tip that it. cheap oakleys The fact of the related workmanship to come the same to the light in year where Portugal Эффект and Spain had entered into an alliance it the European Economic Community, 1986, confers it dense opposition airs the European Union.

In this Saramago workmanship problem its way, its social Oakleys Outlet context. The author discloses in the romance an alternative reading of history as a critical one to the place that Portugal occupied in the European Union. In the workmanship the vision by means of the literary speech is present the national reality of empobrecido people, been slow social and economically, only percentages of illiteracy in the Europe, Saramago seems to believe that Portugal and Spain, even so this if finds more good placed in ranking world-wide, constitutes the two sides of one same currency of little value engastada in the Europe.