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Value added distributor be advanced networking offer for the channel sysob records distribution agreement with Insightix Schorndorf, February 27, 2008 the VAD sysob and Insightix signed a marketing, sales and support agreement for Germany, Austria and the Switzerland. Insightix develops IT visibility and network access Control(NAC)-Losungen, that enable companies, all network devices to monitor or control and therefore to improve the internal security. Thomas Hruby, Managing Director of sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG, explains: Insightix’s innovative solutions are quick and easy to implement and configure. There is no software agent or replacement of hardware necessary. \”\” The customer receives a comprehensive overview in a very short time. \”In sysob we have found the right distribution partner, which will help Insightix, establishing itself in early 2008 on the German market\”, commented Yair Lezer, Vice President of sales at Insightix.

We know that Network access control is a central part of the German company’s current budget plans, even though some large companies already use NAC solutions. Together with sysob, Insightix offers German companies. a NAC cheap nfl jerseys shop solution that is simply can be used and also in complex and geographically separate network environments offers comprehensive control\” Insightix NAC provides a comprehensive network control of access in real time, Flota where it is guaranteed that only authorized and compliance compliant devices may gain access to the network or operate in this. Simple installation by Insightix NAC requires no software agents, switch integration, special software or any hardware replacement. Key features of Insightix NAC are: real time monitoring of network devices Insightix NAC identifies all devices that are connected to the network in real time and cheap oakleys sunglasses offers cheap jerseys wholesale a complete contextual network knowledge about the status of all devices in the network. Network-wide results in enforcement policies Insightix NAC Policy checks on each device in the Cheap Jerseys network through. Unique blocking and quarantine technology Insightix oakley sunglasses sale NAC prevents access by unauthorized devices to the network.