GPRSmodem Connection

Brief description of AT-commands GPRS-modem According to the standard line of gsm AT-commands the modem to determine the "context" connection should look like this: Code: + cgdcont = cid , PDP_type , apn , PDP_addr , d_comp , h_comp , cheap nba jerseys pd1 , , pdN where: cid – id context (Context ID), number. The maximum value cheap fake oakleys is determined by the terminal model, and can usually be obtained by polling using at commands: at + cgdcont = Normal value: cheap football jerseys china 1 PDP_type – the protocol type (Packet Data Protocol Rhodos type), Line. The ordinary meaning – 'IP', ie Internet Protocol apn – Name ap (Access Point Name), Line. Others 'access point' can be regarded as a peculiar 'windows' in a different network 'space' (for example, one access point leads cheap ray ban sungalsses to WAP-resources, and the other to the WWW-resources, the Wholesale NFL Jerseys third in a corporate network Company 'N', etc.). Current value – '' PDP_addr – terminal identifier in a networked environment, such as a static IP-address, which should be used when the terminal is connected to the Internet or other network. If this option is . Official site: .