Post Office Protocol

Protocols TCP / IP protocols TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol – Control Protocol Data / Internet Protocol) are the main Internet Cheap Jordan Sale protocol and manage the transmission of data between networks of different configurations and technologies. It is this family of protocols used to transfer Information on the Internet, as well as in some local area networks. Family of protocols TPC Lab / IP protocol includes all intermediate between the application and physical levels. Their total number is several dozen. Primary among these are: transport protocols: TCP – Transmission Control Protocol (Transmission Control Protocol) and others – manage the transmission of data between computers, routing protocols: IP – Internet Protocol (Internet Protocol) and others – provide actual data, process data addressing, Cheap Jerseys From China determines the best path to the destination; protocols to support network address: DNS – Domain Name System (Domain Name System) and others – provides a unique identification address of a computer, application services, protocols: FTP – File Transfer Protocol (File Transfer Protocol), HTTP – HyperText Transfer Protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), TELNET and others – are used to access various services: file transfer between computers access to WWW, remote terminal access to the system, etc.; gateway protocols: EGP – Exterior Gateway Protocol (external gateway protocol), and others – can help pass on messages to the ray ban outlet network routing and network status information, as well as process data for local area networks. e-mail protocols: POP – Post Office Protocol (Protocol to receive mail) – is used to receive e-mails, SMPT Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (Mail Transfer Protocol) – Oakleys Outlet used to send messages.