The State

It is the duty of the state to promote consultation and other means of peaceful settlement of collective labor disputes. ARTICLE 56. The right to strike, except for essential public services defined by the legislature. The law Fake Ray Bans shall regulate this right. A standing committee formed by the Government, representatives of employers and workers, promote good relations, contribute to Human the resolution of collective labor disputes, and coordinate labor and wage policies.

The law cheap jordans online shall regulate its composition and functions. ARTICLE 57. The law may provide incentives and means to involve employees in corporate governance. ARTICLE 58. Are guaranteed private property and other rights acquired under the civil laws, which can not be ignored or violated by subsequent legislation. Where the application of a law enacted for reasons of public utility or social interest, results in a conflict the rights of individuals with the need for it is recognized, the private interest must yield to public or social Ray Ban sale interest.

The property is a social function that implies obligations. As such, it is inherent in an ecological role. The State shall protect and promote associative and cooperative forms of ownership. By reasons of public utility or social interest defined by the legislature, may Cheap nfl Jerseys be expropriated by court order and prior compensation. This is Wholesale nfl Jerseys determined by consulting the interests of the community and the affected. In the cases determined by the legislature, such expropriation may be advanced by administrative authority, subject to further litigation and administrative action, including with respect to price. (Amended by Legislative Act No.